• HiFi performance, titanium-plated diaphragm


  • One-button operation, IPX5 waterproof


  • 15-hour battery life

01What is SIMGOT try system?

SIMGOT try system includes audition offline and audition online. For audition offline, you are welcomed to try in SIMGOT stores worldwide. For audition online, you are able to try through shopping guide websites , social networking and other internet access. Feel free to comment.

02How to use the system?

SIMGOT provides product trials on various shopping guide websites and social networking. You are able to try our products by clicking “TRIAL” in SIMGOT.COM. Find the information you are interested in in trial center, click the line and try it on. The audition service now is only accessible to mainland China, Hongkong SAR, Taiwan and Macao, and it will be available for overseas countries soon!


Anti-Forgery Warranty VIP-Registration

SIMGOT has established three unique systems in anti-forgery, VIP membership and Self-help after service, which not only permits our users to check authenticity and warranty of products after registering, but also allow them to complete VIP registration and get more service!

Security check: affixed to the packaging of the product anti-counterfeiting label will scratch coating obtained complete 12 bit security code fill in the box below, click "security check" button you can tell the true from the false. e.g.

VIP:You can finish VIP register by two methods

1.By scanning QR code on Global Warranty&VIP Card and input the 6 numbers under scratching zone, and then follow instruction to finish register. e.g.

2.Input 12 bits security code from Global Warranty&VIP Card below, click "VIP register", and then follow instruction to finish register. e.g.

Please input the 12 bits security code:


Check Get VIP Info inquiry


SIMGOT,means "Simple and elegant".We trust only finest product and perfect service, only the fusion of old-school rules and fashion creativity. Don't give in to conservative and troubles, we will redefine your senses. Stop step around and start set out. Salute to art and science. .